What are GalaxyBucks and how are they used?

GalaxyBucks or “GB” is the virtual currency that is used throughout the Lost Galaxy community to attain the virtual items available in our shop. GB is the only item available in our shop for direct purchase via donation with normal currency and is directly added to your account. You can go to your account page to see your current GB balance at any time!

Is this server a “Pay to Win” server?

We have went through every item and placed them at a respectable amount to try to ensure this server is not a “Pay to win” and that it remains a “Pay to defend”. For this reason we do not offer c4 or blueprints. The server is community funded so every donation helps the community as a whole and keeps the servers paid ahead of time for years ahead of time.

When do you wipe the servers and why?

We do not wipe our servers unless the community as a whole calls for such things and it will be voted on and have to be majority vote for known active players.

How do I get a coupon code?

Coupon codes are obtained primarily through winning events and contests. Join our Discord to be in the loop!

What is Discord?

Discord is a chatroom style service offered and used primarily by gamers. We have our own discord room with multiple channels including voice comm channels, private tribe channels, general chat, memes, trading, conflict channel, along with several other specific channels!

Do you offer insurance for items obtained in the store?

Due to ark being a “hazardous” game and the potential for raiding or loss of items through various other reasons there is no insurance offered on any items other than those specified as such ie: paid ascension.

Is this community kid friendly?

There is no filtered content on our servers or discord which means that some content may not be kid friendly. We do not screen our members based on age though it appears the majority of our community is over the age of 18. We do have NSFW sections on discord that may be viewed by them so it is at your own risk that a child be allowed into the community or specifically the discord.

How do I know I won’t be admin abused?

We can promise no admin abuse by keeping only 2 admins xx E7ernal xx and Bounds91 we do not actively play on the servers other than to work on event style construction or to do our normal admin duties. We both have a “fair game” mindset and anything done by admin commands or by using admin abilities would be unfair advantage and go against our very nature.

What platforms do your servers support?

Xbox and PC. To join through PC, you must use Windows 10. Steam is not supported.

What types of problems do admins help with?

Admins are helpful, but will not be on 24/7. Admins will help with stuck dinos/characters of Patrons only unless its under special circumstances. If you lose items or dinos in an Obelisk, we require video footage for replacement.

How do I find your servers?

Search under “Unoffical PC Sessions” for “LostGalaxy”.

What do you consider “cheating”?

Duplication glitches, any intentional activity under the map or terrain, using chairs or sleeping bags to gain access to otherwise inaccessible areas, any use of hacks such as Aimbot. If you are unsure, contact an admin and ask first.

Is this a non-profit organization?

Yes we are currently non-profit and will be using all donationis to improve the servers by increasing the slot counts, adding new servers, and increasing runtime on the servers.

How do I contact an admin?

Through Xbox or Discord. You may direct message one or both of us at any time night or day at” xx E7ernal xx” or “Bounds91” you are not guaranteed a direct response back but we will get back with you as soon as we are able!

What is Patreon?

Patreon is a site that is used to help support the cluster via donations from our Patreon subscribers! You can subscribe or just outright donate to help support the cluster!

Is there a bonus for becoming a Patreon Subscriber?

Yes, you will receive bonus GB along with a few extra perks for being a Patreon subscriber!!

Will the admins share private information that I share with them?

NO we do not disclose any private information including base locations or donation amounts with anyone! All information attained by an admin will not ever be posted openly or privately to any other member of the community!

How do I receive items that I have chosen from the store?

After choosing items in the shop and checking out you will have to contact and Admin and notify them of your purchase. You will have a scheduled delivery time setup within 24hours of notifying the admin to receive the items in game on the server of your choosing within our cluster. Normally most deliveries happen near one of the Public transporters or obelisks. We prefer not to go into your bases if we do not have a specific reason to do so to conserve privacy.