Custom Dino Coloring


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This will custom color any dino of your choosing. There are 0-6 Regions that can be colored on each dino. This is not painted this will actually change the natural color of your creature to your specified colors.

Follow these Instructions:

  1. Go to
  2. Choose from the list the creature(s) you wish to have the color changed.
  3. Scroll down the creature page and you will see an area that shows each region of the creature that can be colored.
  4. You can use this chart to choose the specific color or just give us the color approximate that you want.
  5. Provide use the color and region you want for the colors in the dino checkout section.

Example of all black Giga with a Red belly would be as follows Notice Regions 1,2,3,6 are not used:


0- 14


5 – 1

Please Provide Dino Colors in checkout message

Additional information

Number of Dino Color Changes

1 Color Change, 5 Color Changed