Welcome to Lost Galaxy where you will be able to find your own path to follow along the road to greatness! We encourage you to venture out and make your mark upon the realms of the Lost Galaxy and have a fun enjoyable experience away from the constant trolling of the Official servers. Our servers are setup such that we gear it more towards base defence rather than towards helping a troll raid your base as in some other servers. We have a system of settings in place that make crafting bullets and turrets a small amount easier while maintaining the balance in PVP for traditional raiding. Our maturity and breeding timers are setup so that you may have a life while breeding an army because we want you to be able to take in the sights both inside the game and out while not having to dedicate 2 weeks straight to a giga. We want you to enjoy ark the way we feel that the game should have been setup on official servers that’s why our settings are set to be boosted but not so much so that you have to dedicate your entire life to staring at the screen. With that being said we are boosted above official settings but it is not fiber craft nor is it instant tame or instant breed it will still require work to get to the top so that you can feel that you earned it once you get there. Are you brave enough to challenge the Alphas and see if you can take over a server to claim the Alpha spot as your own? We allow our Alphas on each separate server to help us keep the servers troll free and cleaned up of the rubbage like taming pens and random starter boats that are left to rot. We have no rules against “offline raiding” or “Insiding” though both are frowned upon by our community, we let them take action and rectify those situations with no admin interference.

Our stats are posted on discord currently and will be updated on here as soon as we are able!